Reviews on Dropping Pebbles in Still Water

A mystical view looking at scientific theories.
“A great book for people interested at looking at the spiritual side of scientific theories. A very deep and well thought out book.”

By Zita

“Einstein said, ‘The deeper you go into physics the closer you come to metaphysics.’ Many years ago my last voice teacher was at a dinner and was seated beside a Nobel Prize winning physicist. In getting into conversation the physicist asked her if she knew anything about physics. She said she only know about metaphysics. He smiled at her and said, ‘My dear, there is no difference.’ May I recommend a book: ‘Dropping Pebbles in Still Water: Breaking the Unbroken Whole of the Universe.’ I think you will enjoy it.”

From Anonymous (in “Waking Times)

Reviews on From Victim to Victor!

“The incident at Western Kentucky spooks most people who realize the potential for a shooting incident following Chu Seng-Hui’s cowardly shooting on the Virginia Tech campus. Cho Seung-Hui’s parents related that their son was diagnosed with a mental illness called selective mutism as a child but apparently wasn’t given the proper training to cope with society leading to racism. If any of you kids out there are going through the same stress it is recommended that you pick up a copy of the book: From Victim to Victor! (Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness) by Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D. This book explains an important problem facing people in our technological society right now: the feelings of victimization by an unfeeling, uncaring society. The book explains how victimization develops then gives techniques for dealing with those feelings. … Recommend the book to your friends.”

WKU OTR: Western Kentucky University Blog

“…I’ve been reading some of the chapters (in your book), especially the last ones over and over because I have family members with issues that can relate to the chapters… addiction and such. The book has been helping me as well as showing me how to help somebody else.”

Joyce A. – Van Nuys, CA

“It’s like you followed me around all my life.”

Candace C. – Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to tell you that I have read most of your book. … Personally, I think you’re a genius with all you say in your book, not only because you are a doctor and you definitely know your stuff. … I feel that most of what you say on your book I can relate to so much. It’s one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. I really hope you publish the next one soon.”

Ana T. – Burbank, CA

“‘From Victim to Victor!’ will be an endless source of reference material for me in the future. I can turn to any page and find something relevant to my way of thinking.”

Norman F.  – Northridge, CA

“An individual was lamenting getting into a very heated argument with a younger sibling. This advice was given:

You must concentrate on separating yourself from the situation physically and cognitively. Make it your long-term goal. You must pin-point the areas which are causing your stressors, form the question, then do research to answer them. I recommend the book: “From Victim to Victor!” by Alexander S. Holub as a beginning point.”

Stormfront.Org blog

“Fantastic. This is a powerful book that can help people change the negative energy around their lives. The book inspired me to take personal responsibility for what was happening in my life. The book was an incentive for me to get out of an unhappy job situation. It is great book to read and re-read about how to let go of a victim consciousness and see life situations from a fresh perspective.”


“It reads like a good novel. I couldn’t put it down.”

Jana G. LCSW Los Angeles, CA