From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness


This book contains material that can help you to, quite literally change your life for the better.

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From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness is a wake-up call for you to begin to make changes in your life. It is not one of your usual sugar-coated self-help books. Although it is a self-help book and you can gain quite a bit of valuable insight into who you are.

From Victim to Victor! addresses an important problem facing people in our technological societies today: the feelings of victimization of the individual by an unfeeling, uncaring society. Many today feel that their lives are not their own and they are the victims of people and circumstances outside of themselves. What they don’t seem to realize is that victimhood is a protective device used to keep a person from accepting responsibility for dealing with their self and their lives. Due to recent events many people are feeling more vulnerable and are more aware of the feelings of being victimized since the era of the Cold War. Consequently, many feel that they have no control over what’s happening in their own lives. Many are looking for ways that they can deal with these feelings. From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness not only discusses how victimization develops (along with many short identifiable stories), it is a practical approach to confronting those feelings of victimization and actually doing something about them.

One of the major problems psychotherapists face is that of the feelings of victimization which many of their clients have. Whether it’s rejection from a loved one, a problem at work, feelings of estrangement brought about by industry or the government, or fear generated by governmental actions taken in the name of “protection” of the citizens, feelings of victimization are pandemic in modern western society. Consequently, psychotherapists all agree that the problem is quite perplexing and needs to be addressed. The idea of social victimization is difficult for many people to understand because who wants to believe or have the idea that our social institutions are actually helping to create and promote emotional disturbances? The challenge for the individual is to understand how victimization is created and effectively confront and deal with it.

We live in a society which through its many different institutions urges us to: Don’t Feel! Don’t Think! and Don’t Be! Through this programming a victim’s consciousness is created, installed, promoted, and maintained. This creates and expedites non-intimate (non-loving) behaviors and brings about a victim’s consciousness. From Victim to Victor! not only describes how the victim’s consciousness evolves but it gives you techniques that can give you a better handle on yourself and your life.

Throughout our lives we’re taught the value of things (e.g. money, position, cars, houses, fame, etc.) and that things are important and have meaning; people aren’t important. Consequently, we negate and objectify who we are and, in turn, others. This self-negation sets us up for our own victimization.

What many of the popular self-help books tend to gloss over is that in order to make change occur in your life you have to begin within yourself. The most important area of internal change is emotional change. By understanding and taking charge of your emotional reactions you can begin to take on a new perspective in your life. From this new perspective personal change begins. From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness is your personal workbook for that personal change.

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