From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness

From Victim to Victor! Defeating a Victim’s Consciousness is a self-help book that will provide valuable insight into yourself. The book addresses an important problem facing people in our technological societies today: the feelings of victimization of the individual by an unfeeling, uncaring society. This book not only discusses how victimization develops, it also gives techniques for dealing with those feelings. The challenge for the ind individual is to understand how victimization is created, and then effectively confront and deal with it. Read more >

The Gospel Truth: The Heresy Of History

Twenty five years of research into archaeological and historic sources are brought together to complete an amazing picture of the architects of that group of books we know as the Bible. This information is a ‘must’ for all those who truly want to find meaning in their lives and who wish to understand where the manipulation and control of their soul began. The author has provided detailed sources and bibliography so that you may research and check the accuracy of the work yourself. We suggest that all who use the Bible for reference in their lives may wish to see how the actual creation of its pages has led to so much of both grief and compassion.

Psychokinesiology: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

The unconscious (subconscious) aspect of the human mind has long been shrouded in mystery. This bold and dynamic book reveals the key to communicating directly with this little understood realm of our psyche. Exploring different facets of behaviour allow the clear analysis of the nature of what is hidden within the deeper elements of the mind and how these controlling patterns of behaviour came to be. Written primarily for professional therapist and counsellors, the new carefully outlined and researched techniques can be incorporated easily into current talk therapy practice. Therapist using these techniques can insure prompt, successful, integrated changes empowering their client’s lives quickly and effectively. The lay reader is also rewarded with clear perceptions of why his/her life remains the same; stuck in outmoded behaviour patterns despite their best efforts to alter their thoughts and actions.